Hearing Protection

Country Pursuits is a one-stop shop providing everything you could ever need for country sports and leisure activities. Based in Rickmansworth, they are a very popular supplier to all hunting and shooting enthusiasts both in the local area, and nationwide, thanks to their extensive online store. Not only do they sell air pistols, shot guns, crossbows and all the tools and equipment necessary for these sports, but a range of clothing and protection items too.

Both hunting and shooting are activities that come with an element of risk. That is why Country Pursuits have sought out only the best providers of safety equipment to ensure that you don’t come to any harm. One of the most important accessories you will want to invest in when undertaking any shooting sport is hearing protection.

At Country Pursuits, you will find a range of ear defenders and ear plugs in a variety of styles and designs, made by some of the most well-known names in the business. From Beretta, Bisley, Deben, Napier and many more, you will be certain to find the right amount of protection so that you can go about your activity safe in the knowledge that your hearing is amply protected.

Advanced hearing technology in products such as the Deben Electronic Ear Defenders will help to enhance your experience more than ever before. They are cleverly designed to amplify quieter sounds but only allow the ear to hear sounds up to a maximum of 85dB which will prevent your ears from being damaged by harmful sounds such as gunshots.

You can explore their entire range of products online or if you are seeking more information about a particular product, give one of the Country Pursuits team a call on 01923 772916 and they will be more than happy to assist.

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